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Frequently Asked

Why Is Contact Tracing Necessary?
To safely re-open businesses during the COVID19 pandemic, many local, provincial/state, and federal governments now require businesses, schools, places of worship, and non-profit organizations to collect the names and contact information of their attendees. This allows health officials to contact anyone who might have been exposed if there’s an outbreak link to your business or event.
Is Collecting Personal Information Mandatory?

No, but it is strongly recommended by most public health organizations. Providing information is voluntary for attendees. An organization must obtain an individual’s consent and notify them about the purpose and legal authority for the collection. SCAN-TO-CHECKIN does all that for you.

Will The Government Request Information From Every Guest at Every Event?
No. Public Health agencies may request contact information for your guests/customers/attendees if a potential expose occurs on your premises.
Whose Contact Information Does My Business Need to Collect?

For businesses/workplaces, contact information should be recorded for staff, workers, and volunteers on shift–and patrons, customers, or members of the general public. SCAN-TO-CHECKIN makes it easy for your staff to CheckIn at the beginning of every shift and for your guests/customers/attendees to CheckIn every time they walk in your door.

Do you have contractors working onsite? Repairmen? They can SCAN-TO-CHECKIN, too!

What Information Does SCAN-TO-CHECKIN Collect?

Scan To Check-In collects the name and basic contact information (phone or email) of every person who enters your space.

Does SCAN-TO-CHECKIN Use or Sell My Guests' Information?

No. Never. SCAN-TO-CHECKIN securely stores your guests’ information so it’s available when you or public health officials need it. We will never use that information or sell it to third parties.

Can I Use The Information SCAN-TO-CHECKIN Collects to Contact My Guests?

SCAN-TO-CHECKIN can add a “permission to contact” button to your customized CheckIn process. Your guests can simply check the box to give you permission to email them in the future about promotions, events, or news from your organization. Increasing your email mailing list has never been easier!

What Does SCAN-TO-CHECKIN cost?

For just $20 CAD/month, SCAN-TO-CHECKIN will continuously CheckIn your staff, volunteers, and guests and securely store their information.

What Happens If Public Health Needs To Collect My Guests' Information?

If a potential COVID19 exposure occurs in your establishment, you simply Contact Us by phone or email and request a report for the timeframe the exposure may have occurred. We’ll make sure you get the right information to keep everyone safe.

What If My Guest Doesn't Have a Smartphone?

If your guest doesn’t have a smartphone, your staff can simply use their device to scan the QR Code and enter the guest’s details. Or, you can provide a kiosk with a tablet for your guests to use, but this would need to be wiped down regularly.

What If a Customer Refuses to SCAN-TO-CHECKIN?

If a customer/guest/attendee refuses to give their information, you’ll need to decide if you will allow them to enter your premises. Providing personal information is highly recommended, but not mandatory. Your guests can rest assured that using SCAN-TO-CHECKIN is the most secure way to provide their information.

What If I Have More Than One Location?

If you have more than one business location, you’ll need one SCAN TO CHECK-IN subscription for each location. Information collected from your guests will be logged to the specific location they entered. This makes it easy to know who was where at any given time. Each SCAN TO CHECK-IN subscription is just $20 CAD/month per location.